William Grant is the main character of Game Galaxy: The Beginning and the following series.


Arrival in the Game Galaxy

He originally was a normal gamer until he obtained a unlabeled nintendo cartridge that resulted in him being transported to the Game Galaxy, which was actually a galaxy made up of locations and beings from video games that he played.

Soon after being transported to the Game Galaxy, he appeared in the Deep Forest where he fought several types of Heartless, which included Shadows and a single Darkside.

After being overwhelmed by the Darkside, he was saved by Aqua who aided him in the fight.

Soon after defeating the Darkside, both of them teamed up and decided to explore this world.


Fighting Style

His fighting style involves around the usable of his keyblade and swift fast attacks. Later on, he mixed in the usage of projectile weapons to his fighting style.



  • with Aqua VS. a Darkside = Victory


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