Glenn is a character from Chrono Cross.


Fighting Style

Glenn uses a swordsmanship style where he utilizes a longsword for offensive attacks and a buckler for defensive reasons.


  • Dash & Gash: A dashing technique where he charges at his foe and slashes at the foe with his sword as he passes by.
  • Sonic Sword: A unique technique that Glenn learned from his older brother Dario. Glenn swipes his sword out at his foe to launch a blade of green energy at the foe.
  • Dive & Drive: A technique where Glenn tosses his sword upward into the air until it comes down and pierces into a foe as he charges up to the foe and jumps onto the handle of the sword then he foes a knee strike to the foe's head.

Team Techniques

  • X-Strike: A team technique between him and William Grant where they charge at a foe then slash at the foe in a X-shaped pattern.



  • None so far


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