Slasher Chaos Slasher Chaos 28 August 2014

New Series

Yup, I'm back. The series are being revived in a bare new series called Game Galaxy and a new cast of characters are being picked for this.

Will Geogiri is now known as William Grant now. x3

The cast will be from games that I have played.

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Slasher Chaos Slasher Chaos 7 March 2013

Upcoming Characters

Like I said before, a lot more characters will be coming for the new story Game Realm: Beyond the Code. Tifa and Glenn have been confirmed to be parts of the main team with the lead character, Will Geogiri.

There will be spin off series starring my friends.

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MonHunSpartan MonHunSpartan 14 April 2012

Two new Glitch creatures of my old design

Okay, the two newest pictures I uploaded are my own monsters from the old days. This one

Is based off the Garthem from the Dark crystal with a ffew extra deadly arms. Its shell is really hard so to get to it is to attack certin weak spots on it.

The next is side ways but is water based, it can move on land but is faster in water.

Its attacks are also deadly with its long axe like tail and pincer claws.

Tell me whatcha think if ya like it XD

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MonHunSpartan MonHunSpartan 5 January 2012

AI avitar for the story

Been thinking if the avitar for my alter ego Jakob to use should be based off of Dark Magician Girl or not, if you wanna comment do so please

Okay, just mad e a new design, tell me what you think

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Slasher Chaos Slasher Chaos 29 December 2011

New Projects

There will be new events being added to the Game Verse, which will include new characters, worlds, weapons, and much more. ^^

Some of the chosen characters will be Kamikirimusi (Soul Calibur IV), Karin Son (Gowcaizer) and much more.

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