Aqua is a character from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. She appears as one of the important main characters in the Game Galaxy series. She is also one of the love interests of William Grant.


Meeting William Grant

During her walk, she witnessed the fight between William Grant and the Heartless within the Deep Forest. She instinctively saved him from being crushed by the Darkside and aided him in the fight.

After defeating the Darkside, she decided to team up with William and went off on a adventure with him.

Fighting Style

She uses a elegant fighting style that involves around the usage of her keyblade, magic spells and dance-like moves, such like spinning and doing cartwheels.





  • Aqua is set to be the main love interest of William Grant in the Game Galaxy series.
  • Aqua in this series will have slight body changes than her original model in the Kingdom Hearts series.